10 days very strong love spell 199$

Love is a fantastic feeling. Anyone who has been in love at least once in their life knows this. Some of us are luckier in life, others much less so. When it comes to love, it is the same. There are people who meet their beloved person at a young age, then get married and have children. For them love is a matter of course and it is hard for them to understand that there are people who are unlucky with the opposite sex. No one knows what awaits them in the lottery of life. The truth is that any relationship can fall apart. If you are a person who has been left by your life companion, then very stron love spell is for you.

The love spell has several basic uses:

1.If you want to win back the person who broke up with you.

2. If you want to win the love of someone you have never been in a relationship with, but you like (it can be a work or college friend).

3.If you notice that things in your relationship are not going in the direction they should and you want to fix your relationship.

The spells I cast are based on traditional White Magic that has been used for centuries.

Here are answers to some basic questions as they relate to a love spell:

1.How long does it take for a love spell to take full effect?

Typically, this time frame ranges from 1-4 months, although keep in mind that each case is individual.

2.Will the effects of the love spell be permanent?

Yes, love spells are really powerful. If the spell proves to be effective, the effects last up to several years.

3.Are love spells safe?

Yes, the spells I perform are based on white magic. When casting spells, I address love deities not associated with any black magic. This is very important because this way I am sure that no side effects will occur.

4.Can a love spell be removed?

I would like to point out right away that it is very rare for someone to have a spell removed if the spell has had the desired effect. But the answer is yes. A love spell can be removed.

5.What if a man has left me and already has a new woman?

In such situations the love spell also helps, but I recommend combining the love spell with the separation spell.

6. “I have already ordered a spell from someone. Can I order a very strong love spell?”

The answer is – Yes. The spells I perform do not interfere with others.

7.Is every spell successful?

Most. I estimate the effectiveness at 80%, although everything depends on the individual case.

At the end I would like to add that I have been dealing with love spells and esotericism for many years. Thanks to that I know how to work with energies. The experience I gained by casting spells makes me very effective in what I do.

I cast spells for 10 consecutive days. After completing the spells, I send photos as proof of casting love spells. The cost of the spells is $199

Archangel Metatron- Meaning of the name Metatron

Archangel Metatron in literature occurs as , “One who occupies the throne next to God”, , “Standing next to the Ruler”, , “King of Angels”, , “Favorite of God”. The origin of the name Metatron is not entirely clear, perhaps it derives from the word , “matara” meaning , “one who stands guard”, or , “matator”. – , “guide, messenger”. According to some etymologists, the name Metatron is of Hebrew origin and can be considered a metonymy of the term , “Little YHWH”. However, it is possible that Metatron is a name that originated in Persian and means as much as , “benevolent mediator, friend of good people. Apparently, the archangel Metatron is particularly close to God and knows a great deal about Him, as he resides in the seventh heaven – that is, the very seat of the Creator. Among the popular expressions of the archangel Metatron, there are also those of being , “Great Watchmaker” or , “Architect of God”.

The appearance of archangel Metatron

Archangel Meatron is said to be , “as great as the whole world” – which is probably a reference to his immeasurable power. This important angel sits crowned on his own throne, surrounded by thunder and lightning. Archangel Metatron’s face radiates with an extraordinary, even blinding radiance. As for apparitions of this archangel, Metatron shows himself to people mostly in the form of golden fire or light, or a golden channel of light. The cube symbol of the archangel Metatron is the Merkaba or sacred shape used for centuries for healing and protection. The attributes associated with this archangel also include a feather and a wise book. Interesting information about the appearance of the archangel Metatron can be found in an old Jewish legend – this angel was originally supposed to be a man, to whom God put his own crown on his head and gave 72 wings and countless eyes. The man’s body was instantly transformed into flame, his sinews into fire, his bones into embers, his eyes into lamps, and his hair into rays of light. The attribute of the archangel Metatron, moreover, is keys, which is probably why he is also called , “The Key of God”.

Where do we get our knowledge of Metatron?

In non-canonical writings, the archangel Metatron is the highest-ranking celestial hierarch, one of the most important archangels of the ,,world of berija”. In the Talmud and Targums, this angel is described as an intermediary between the human and divine realms. In the Bible, the archangel Meatron was sometimes identified with the angel with whom a certain Pentuel fought. According to some sources, rather non-obvious information about the archangel Meatron can also be found for oneself in the Book of Exodus, where God says that he sent a powerful guardian angel to the people. It is worth being aware that we now have a lot of information available, sometimes even contradictory data about this archangel. In the Kabbalah we find mention that Metatron is an archangel of the highest rank, the supreme leader of the good spirits. In Jewish angelology one can also come across a verse saying that the archangel Metatron is the angel who, before the Biblical Flood, ordered another angel to announce the Creator’s planned destruction of the world. If you sometimes reach for occult literature, you may find a clue there, according to which Metatron is the twin brother of the angel Sandalphon.

Metatron’s role on earth and in heaven

Metatron is first and foremost the chronicler of the Book of Lives, who records the evil deeds of every person, and if that person corrects himself, Metatron erases his transgressions from there. Archangel Metatron is an excellent support when we need to remove some curse, we are struggling with depression, we have no motivation to continue living. Archangel Metatron is also someone whose role is to act as a mediator between the material and spiritual worlds – he is the one who reminds people to respect the great works of the Creator. In literary tradition, it is accepted that the archangel Metatron works with Mother Earth and the Great Goddess to constantly help people and souls who have already passed to the other side. In addition, Metatron is the archangel of harmony, harmony, spiritual unity, an excellent mediator and negotiator. In the Kabbalistic tree, the archangel Metatron occupies a place in the crown, and is assigned to the land of kether, as well as being widely regarded as the guardian of the spirit body.

How to take advantage of the help of this angel?

According to angelologists, Metatron is a particularly friendly celestial spirit. If you have any worries and don’t know who to turn to for help, just tell the archangel Metatron about it. He will surely send you the best protector or confidant, or at least inspire you to find one more easily on your own. When you have a prayer or ritual planned to the archangel Metatron, carefully prepare for it: clean your apartment, take a bath, put on clean bright robes, prepare an altar with a dazzling white candle, white flowers, as well as fragrant scented oil. Sightings of this archangel are most often associated with strong illumination – in the form of white, or golden light. If you believe in the protective power of archangel Metatron, he will support you in reaching higher spiritual levels and will be your guardian angel permanently.

Areas of Archangel Metatron’s activity:

Archangel Metatron helps to make the right choices, allows people to develop their innate talents. If you or someone close to you is struggling with addictions, it is worth asking this archangel for support. Metatron positively influences the spiritual state of a person, heals his relationships in the environment, motivates him to take on creative challenges. Metatron as a divine keyman can open important gates: intelligence, prudence, goodness, love, fear, mercy, gentleness. Sometimes the archangel Metatron is sometimes identified with the angel of deliverance and the Shekhinah (some believe that this is simply the female counterpart of Metatron). If you wish to find harmony at work and in your private life, turn to this archangel for help.

Other versions of the name: Metratton, Mittron, Metaraon, Merraton, Matatron, Perier, Bizbul, Suria, Tatriel, Sasnigiel, Lad. (Metatron is said to be so close to God that the latter was said to refer to him by up to 70, or 72 names with unique symbolic meanings, unknown today).

Days dedicated to the angel: September 29

Plants associated with the angel: white flowers, incense resin

Gemstones with which the angel resonates: diamond

Planet: primum mobile – the prime mover, Neptune

Color: dazzling or bluish white, openwork blue

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