Archangel Haniel 7-day love spells 179$

Archangel Haniel is a patron for lovers. The love spell is designed to change reality. This spell is for those looking to get their partner back. Love is a wonderful and amazing feeling. Everyone dreams of being loved. In a perfect world, every couple would be happy with each other. Unfortunately, we all know that is not the case. Many relationships fall apart, some relationships are unhappy. This spell is to make your partner come back to you.

For what purposes to use the angelic spell:

-to get back the partner you were in a relationship with –

-to win the love of someone you know but have not been in a relationship with

-to mend the current relationship (The spell removes bad energies from love, helps mutual forgiveness and removes unnecessary jealousy from the relationship.)

This spell is the most popular and produces great results. In my many years of magical work, I have cast many successful spells. If your intentions are pure and you have a sincere affection for your partner, this spell is for you.

The spell lasts for 7 days and lasts for 7 sessions.

Angelic spells are completely safe, they can be used by any person, regardless of religion and place of residence.

After purchasing a spell, please send me answers to the questions below. The answers are necessary in order to match the magic actions to your problem.

List of questions:

– Your name

– Your birthdate

– Name of a loved one

– Date of birth of a loved one

– How long was your relationship?

– When was the breakup?

– What were the reasons for breaking up?

– Did you use the help of another Spell Caster, or did you perform the spells yourself?

– If you have your common photo or a separate one, please send it to my e-mail, it will be of great help during magic works.

After receiving the answers to the above questions, I prepare the appropriate ingredients and set up a spell schedule, about which you will be informed in a separate e-mail.

As proof that the spell has taken place, you will receive a photo proof showing the spell.

14 testimonials on “Archangel Haniel 7-day love spells 179$”


I am glad that I am using the Angel love spell. I came across the site a bit accidentally. I was in a difficult position in heart relationships, I had read a little about love magic and knew I would give it a try. I had little hope for the results , but they have come. I didn’t impose myself on the man I wanted to get back. He himself offered to come back within 11 weeks of performing the spells.


The spell is really effective. I used it, guided by positive opinions on other websites, and I confirm that it works.


Thanks to Archangel Haniel love spell, I got back the man who left me because he was bored with our relationship. I loved him all the time and missed him, but he was dating with other women. I came to the conclusion that the only way to recover him will try the love magic. And it really worked, we have been a couple again for 2 months. I am counting on the lasting of the results.


I would like to inform you that the love spell worked. I will briefly describe my story. We have faced many obstacles since the beginning of our relationship. His parents couldn’t accept me. This led to many misunderstandings. Nevertheless, my partner and I dealt with it. But finally he bowed to their pressure and broke up with me. I was devastated. I loved him and wanted him back. I couldn’t let so many plans fall apart. The love spell allowed me to get my man back. I waited for the effects for almost 3 months.


I decided to sign in as well, because this spell also worked for me. I will tell you my story briefly. Well, for 3 years I was with a man I really cared about. We were happy with each other. Or so I thought. Unexpectedly, after so many years of being together, he left me. When he told me about it, I was shocked. I thought he was joking. Unfortunately, he was completely serious. I still missed him and I couldn’t accept that he had left me. I accidentally came across an article about love magic and started to wonder if applying the love spell would help me get man back. I started browsing other websites about it. I chose I waited a few weeks for the effects, but finally the man came back to me. I am happy again.


The love spell of brought effects. Honestly, I’m pleasantly surprised. The man returned to me two weeks ago.


A few months ago my man left me. We have been together for over 3 years. I wanted him back. I tried normal ways, but he didn’t want to hear about coming back, he said he’d be better off alone. Meanwhile, I still loved him very much. I was interested in the subject of the magic of love. I decided to use Angel love spell. Within several weeks, the man came back to me. The offer to return came from him. Thank you very much and I recommend.


After my fiancée left me, I tried various methods to get her back. Unfortunately, trying to talk to her did not help, and neither did the gifts I wanted to give her. I started thinking about using love magic. Initially, I wanted to order a love binding spell, but I was afraid of the side effects. Ultimately I opted for an angel spell from this site and it was a good choice. My beloved woman is with me again, the return was two weeks ago. Thank you very much for casting an effective spell.


At first, I was wondering which spell to choose. Whether to choose white magic or black magic. In the end, this site was my choice. And I really am very satisfied. Even though my love situation was quite difficult, this spell turned out to be effective. The man came back to me after less than 3 months of waiting for the results.


At first, I was wondering which spell to choose. Whether to choose white magic or black magic. In the end, this site was my choice. And I really am very satisfied. Even though my love situation was quite difficult, this spell turned out to be effective. The man came back to me after less than 3 months of waiting for the results.


Thanks a lot for casting this spell. Beloved man left me for another woman. It was a huge blow and a huge pain for me. Other methods to get him back didn’t help and that’s why I used archangel love spell. After just over 9 weeks from the end of the spells, he came back to me. Now I really hope that the effects will be permanent.


Even though my situation was difficult, the spells worked. I haven’t been with the man for over half a year, we broke up under unpleasant circumstances. He was dating other women, he only had a hint of contact with me. When ordering a spell, I didn’t count on much. Meanwhile, already a month after the spells ended, we started seeing each other again. After another few weeks, he offered me to come back. Everything was happening so fast that I felt like I was in some kind of movie. We have been a couple again for 7 weeks and I am very happy, things are going very well between us. Thanks for casting a working spell.


We got back together a few weeks ago. After the spell, we gradually improved our relationships.
We started dating on a friendly basis, and he at first insisted that he would not come back to our shared apartment and see us together. We talked, he advised on several matters, once we talked so well that he spent the night in an apartment but nothing happened, and finally he invited me on a trip and it was a breakthrough moment. When we came back from the trip we made the decision that we would try to be with each other again. We have been a couple again for 7 weeks, we understand each other great and I hope that we will be together for the rest of our lives.


It looked really bad for me. After giving birth to my baby, I neglected our intimate life, thinking that he would wait for me to recover. When our daughter was six months old, my legs gave way under me, my husband came home from work and announced that he was moving to a female friend from work. As it turned out later, his romance began while I was still pregnant. I was broken, my world collapsed. That’s why I used this site. Even though I didn’t believe in magic before, I figured it would be okay to try. For the first month, nothing happened, but at the end of the second, my husband asked for a meeting in the city during which he asked if there was still a chance for us, apologized for what he had done and asked for forgiveness. After another week, he was back with us. Six months have passed since then and we are still together.

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