7 days relationship rebuilding spell of the Red Ray Angels 159$

This spell will make your marriage or relationship better. As you know, each of us must fulfill our obligations in life – we have to earn money, raise children, take care of good relations with the environment. All of this takes time and often makes us tired of reality, and we lack the energy to properly care for a relationship or marriage. This leads to an argument with your partner as your goals diverge on many issues. This spell will repair your relationship with your partner, make you begin to understand each other well again.

Who is the rebuilding spell for?

– for people who want to improve relations with the partner with whom they are in a relationship

-for those who want to rebuild their marriage

– for those who want to improve family relationships

Thanks to this spell, your relationships with your loved ones will improve, and at the same time you will not neglect other duties.

As proof that the spell has taken place, you will receive a photo proof showing the spell.

Archangel Chamuel- Meaning of the name Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel is one of the chief archangels and leader of the Choir of Reigns and the Choir of Powers, also known as the angel of creativity, empathy, gentleness and unconditional and pure love. It is worth knowing that his name derives from the Hebrew language and means as much as , “seeing God”, or , “seeking God”, but most often the archangel Chamuel is called simply , “Angel of Love” or , “Angel of Pink Radiance”. Associated with the archangel Chamuel described here is the heart chakra, in numerology the number 5, while in runes its equivalent is Gebo (a reference to partnership).

The appearance of the archangel Chamuel

In the literature it is difficult to find any information about the true appearance of the archangel Chamuel. Sometimes it is said that he is a disembodied being, and his presence around humans is heralded by unusually beautiful pink rays. According to some esoteric specialists, archangel Chamuel, like everything in this world, has a dual nature and is present: in yin and yang, day and night, sometimes taking on something like a male or female spirit (especially when called upon by a person as the Angel of Love).

Where do we get our knowledge of Chamuel?

The first mention of the archangel Chamuel is contained in the Gospel according to St. Luke. There we read that this angel comforted Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. Interesting records about the archangel Chamuel can also be found in Kabbalistic angelology. There, this archangel seems to fulfill a function similar to Saint Anthony, that of a helper in finding lost things.

Chamuel’s role on earth and in heaven

Archangel Chamuel brings people goodness, peace, happiness in love. His chief tasks also include searching for missing elements and solving our life problems related to human relationships. It is worth knowing that the archangel Chamuel is a special patron of people under the sign of Aries. Moreover, Chamuel perceives our planet as a very dangerous place and emanating raw energy, so he helps human beings open up to such important life aspects as kindness, understanding, friendship, planned careers, for example. According to specialists in angelology, or the science of angels, the archangel Chamuel is very friendly to people and is willing to help them in various difficulties of everyday life. It is worth being aware that Chamuel is usually associated with kindness and love, but he is also able to fight in a very effective way against cruelty, violence, bad habits, which have a disastrous effect on humans. It is said that the archangel Chamuel is an excellent negotiator in family matters, for example, in arguments between parents and children.

How to get the help of this angel?

If you want to find comfort in difficult times, heal a wounded heart and have a chance for new love, use the prayer to the archangel Chamuel with the following content: , “You are the light of heart and love, You shine brightly for the comfort of all living beings. It is your radiance Chamuel that can transform everything into a golden Treasure. Radiate love, peace, harmony to remove all difficulties on my path, break down the barriers that stand in my way to Happiness.” If you utter a formula with similar content at least three times a day, your mood will surely soon improve. To increase the power of the supplication prayer to Archangel Chamuel, you can recite it during the rituals of burning a bright pink candle and cherry blossom-scented incense.

Areas of action of Archangel Chamuel:

Archangel Chamuel, described here, is full of mercy and compassion for people, shows them what trusting someone close to them is all about, and makes them realize the value of selflessness, nobility and charity in our lives. If you are looking for a celestial being who will help you build a strong foundation for partnerships and even lifelong marriage, it would be worthwhile for you to turn to Archangel Chamuel in this matter. Archangel Chamuel, described here as the Angel of Love, is also able to heal a person from love professions, failed relationships. Prayers to this archangel will prove especially useful for those who can not cope after a breakup or divorce, feel a deep sense of guilt, can not forget their loneliness. Not everyone is aware that Archangel Chamuel is one of the strongest angels, having an extraordinary gift of communication and understanding of human weaknesses.

Archangel Chamuel is included in the so-called third radiation, called pearl pink. Being there in the company of the Charites (angels of charity), Chamuel helps us develop and gain trust towards others so that we can rejoice in the eternal source of love. Archangel Chamuel is said to be associated with boundless dalliance, the spread of happiness, and the expansion of being into the higher realms. It is also worth adding that the hosts accompanying Chamuel and supporting his activities include the angels of sacrifice, worship, care, compassion, love, mutual attraction, gratitude, development and many others, not yet known by function or name.

Other versions of the name: Samuel, Kamael, Shemuel, Cantsep

Days dedicated to the angel: Monday

Plants associated with the angel: freesia, cherry blossom, ylang-ylang, rose tree, hyssop, magnolia

Gemstones with which the angel resonates: white and rose quartz, ruby, rhodochrosite, kunzite, pink pearl

Planet: Venus

Color: pearl pink, soft purple

2 testimonials on “7 days relationship rebuilding spell of the Red Ray Angels 159$”


I ordered this spell because for over a year my relationship with my husband was getting worse. We couldn’t get along on the simplest things, we couldn’t find common topics. We each had our own matters. Sometimes I tried to explain it, but my husband thought everything was fine. 4 months have passed since performing rebuliding spell and it has improved a lot during that time. We are able to communicate with each other again, we talk to each other more. The current relationship with my husband is much better than it was.


I think it’s a great spell! I used it because my relationship with my husband was deteriorating. I thought we were going to have to get a divorce because we stopped getting along. We couldn’t compromise even on the simplest of things. I used the rebuilding spell as a last resort. It was a great decision. A few months have passed since the spells and I have great contact with my husband again, we get along again, we forgot about the crisis. I recommend.

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