4 days protection spell 119$

Protection spell is intended for those who want to avoid negative random events. Our lives are often ruled by chance. Everyone has their concerns, some are afraid of accidents, others are afraid of natural disasters. Lauviah is a powerful angel – the help and care she provides is enormous, protects against all types of negative events and gives us the courage to overcome our own fear.

Who is the protection spell for?

-for those who want to avoid negative random events

– for those who want to feel safe

-for those who would like to overcome their own fear

-for those who would like to protect their family

The ritual lasts for 4 days and includes 4 sessions, thanks to which Angel Lauviah’s help will be asked for you.

As proof that the ritual has taken place, you will receive a photo showing the course of the ritual.

2 testimonials on “4 days protection spell 119$”


The spell worked very well. I used it almost a year ago because I was often faced with negative life events. And since the end of the spells it’s definitely better, I’m no longer unlucky, I’m missing out on bad things. I recommend this spell.


Thanks to this spell, I feel more confident and safer. Bad things spare me and my family, and I feel more secure.

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